Navidom is an asset management company for marine industry. We provide services for vessel owners, who want efficient and reliable asset management partner for their fleet. Our services include day-to-day financial services as well as accounting services together with our partners. Navidom negotiates and arranges insurances for the vessels according to owner's requirements. One of our tasks is to closely follow up the condition of the asset and see that it is fit-for-service for the entire life-cycle. In short, we represent the owner: Navidom does everything from daily funds flow to the life-cycle management of the ship.

Free your resources and let us manage your assets.

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Our fleet

Navidom is an asset manager for a DAT Aframax crude oil tanker, 4 chemical/product tankers and 3 tugs. All our vessels are built to the ice class 1AS.

  • Crude Oil Vessels

    Navidom manages crude oil carrier Mastera, one of the biggest vessels under Finnish flag measuring over 250m. This vessel carries mainly crude oil from Russia to Porvoo and Naantali refineries. The DAT concept, where vessel moves stern ahead, enables independent operation without ice-breaker assistance in the harshest ice conditions.

  • Purha class

    Purha class vessels are 25 000 DWT tankers Futura and Neste. Overall length of these vessels is 169,5m and they are designed to carry chemicals as well as oil products. Purha class vessels operate mainly in Europe.

  • Kiisla and Suula

    Chemical/product tankers Kiisla and Suula are mainly utilized in distributing fuel oil products from refineries to coastal terminals in Baltic region.

  • Tug boats

    Ahti and Ukko tugs escort larger ships from fairways to Porvoo and Naantali harbors. Tug boat Esko is stationed in Porvoo oil harbor where it supports vessels in maneuvering and in berthing. During the winter season their duties include also icebreaking at harbor area.

Contact Us

Riitta Rintala
Managing director
Tel. +358 46 921 9503
Sami Niemelä
Operative manager
Tel. +358 46 921 9502